Week 4

ELM Menu Week 4
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Mid-morning snack Whole Grain Cheese sandwiches, kiwi, water Bagels, cream cheese, grapes, water Banana cake, oranges, water WW Crackers,  apples, water Carrot oatbran muffins, peaches, water
Noon Tuna casserole with whole wheat pasta, mixed vegetables, milk, apple spice cake Egg muffins, beans, carrots,  milk, oatmeal muffins, pears Ham, potatoes, corn, squash, bread and butter,milk, vanilla pudding, rice krispie squares Meat loaf, brown rice, peas, peach crisp, milk Whole wheat Chicken vegetable pasta, green beans, milk, oatmeal  cookies, frozen yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack Yogurt, apples, digestive cookies, water  Tuna sandwiches, cucumbers, water Celery, carrots, whole grain crackers, water Trail mix, fresh or canned pears, cheddar cheese, water   graham crackers, water, oranges
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