Week 3

ELM Menu Week 3
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Mid-morning snack Yogurt, apples, water Whole grain apple bread, oranges, water WG crackers, kiwi, cheddar cheese, water Whole wheat English muffins, bananas, water Cereal snack mix, grapes, water
Noon Baked macaroni and cheese, hard boiled eggs, whole grain bread, milk, green beans, pears, bran muffins Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, carrots, milk, rice pudding2% milk Shepherd’s pie, mixed vegetables, milk, WG bread, fruit cocktail Baked breaded fish, squash, milk, peas, black bean and brown rice, peaches, yogurt Chicken enchiladas, corn, milk, baked beans, WW cookies, applesauce
Mid-afternoon snack Whole grain crackers, hummus, gr peppers, water Pitas with cheddar cheese, apples, water Egg salad on WG bagels, cucumbers, water Carrots, WG bread, cheddar cheese, water WW tea biscuits, kiwi, water
Comments Eggs, hummus Pork Beef fish Chicken

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