Week 1

ELM Menu Week 1
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mid-morning snack Graham crackers,  oranges, Water Banana bread, apple sauce, water Cheddar cheese, wheat thins, kiwi, water Apples, Pumpkin bran muffins, water Bananadilla(bananas and tortilla) water
Noon Spaghetti and meatballs,  mixed vegetables, milk, oatmeal, cookies, yogurt and peaches Quiche(ham and eggs), whole grain toast, peas,milk pears, blue berry muffins Chicken vegetable soup, whole wheat grilled cheese, milk, fruit cocktail, rice krispies squares tortilla stack, beans, corn, milk, applesauce, Oatmeal cake Pizza (all toppings), garlic toast, raw vegetables, dip, pudding,  digestive cookies, milk
Mid-afternoon snack Whole wheat Tuna sandwiches, carrots,  water Snack mix, cucumbers, water Arrowroot cookies, water, bananas Raisin bread, pears, cream cheese, water Kiwi, oatmeal squares, water
Comments Beef Eggs & Ham Chicken Beef Pizza


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