Week 1

ELM Menu Week 1
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mid-morning snack WG bread,  oranges, Water Oatmeal Banana bread, apple sauce, milk water  Pita, kiwi, water Apple slice cookies, almond butter, coconut,water Bananadilla(bananas and WG tortilla) water, milk
Noon Spaghetti and meatballs with WG pasta,  mixed vegetables, milk, WW biscuits, yogurt and peaches Quiche, whole grain toast, peas,milk pears, energy bites Chicken vegetable soup, whole wheat grilled cheese, milk, fruit cocktail, oatmeal bars tortilla stack, black beans and brown rice, corn, milk, applesauce, WW pumpkin bread WW English muffin pizzas, raw vegetables, bran muffins, peaches and pears, milk
Mid-afternoon snack Whole wheat Tuna sandwiches, carrots,  water WG snack  mix, cucumbers, water WG crackers, water, bananas WG bagels, cheddar cheese, pears, , water Hummus, WG crackers, green and red peppers, water
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