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Fundraising Events

Mabels labels link is  www.mabelslabels.com

Lovable Labels link is www.Elm.lovablelabels.ca

Avon brochure is at  www.avon.ca

Here is a link to sign up for fundscrip, which is an ongoing fundraiser to purchase giftcards.  There is no door to door sales, there is no sympathy buying, it just involves buying giftcards to purchase your normal everyday shopping items.  A percentage of sales goes back to the daycare.  The invitation code is J96G8T.


Right now we are doing a Wylde Rose and Tupperware fundraiser.  Please see the brochures handed out for available items.  Wylde Rose orders are due Oct 25.  Tupperware orders are due Nov 4 and will be delivered Nov 22.  We also are doing DFS fundraiser, due October 25th as well.





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